Basic mining application

Hey guys,

Sorry to bother you with this question, but I’m looking into getting some machines into mining, and XPM was suggested to me.

The situation:
I have around clone 100 machines (no, not a botnet) with a decent, new core I5. As they are designed to function as office pc’s they don’t have a decent gfx card (for that reason I need to CPU mine, and apparantly XPM is best for that). Now I’ve played around with the standard miner that is incorporated in the wallet and have a decent understanding of things.

Now the problem is that I don’t want to install that application onto my 100 pc’s. Is there a basic miner for XPM that exists that I can use for this application (I’m thinking in the direction of an .exe that I can easily make some scripts for). When looking online I can’t seem to find anything so I’m afraid not, but you guys are the experts on the matter so I’m hoping you guys can help me :slight_smile: