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November 8th

Left meaningful comments at the following links:


I’d recommend the community take a look at the Wired article, a few negative Peercoin comments:




One of the more critical roles of the volunpeers will center around the ‘Googlers’. Whenever they have a free minute, they’ll simply google ‘Bitcoin’ ‘Bitcoin News’ … find stories and comment. Comments will be insightful, a few sentences (no spammy) however always point back to Peercoin. For example:

“When it comes to purchasing Bitcoin online, it’s a hassle for anyone that’s not already ultra techy. I understand your point about the fees, however, people are quite familiar with paying a little extra for convenience. Personally, I’d like to see the major alts also supported such as Peercoin (PPC) and Litecoin (LTC).”

Made a few comments, would appreciate it if you could like/approve/upvote them etc… Would also appreciate any criticism.
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Fantastic, I’ll review each of these tonight and give feedback. Thank you for the effort.

Fantastic responses, 100% on target.

Very busy with my mid term exams, but they’ll be over soon, and more regular posting will happen then.

I’ve made a few comments, but am unable to find them

Have also summarized bitcoin in a self post to /r/bitcoin, mentioned peercoin two or three times as one of the best altcoins alongside namecoin, and mastercoin. Managed to get mostly upvotes.

Commented on NYT article

Edited Github wiki, adding other unlisted services.

Messaged several locations asking for Peercoin support.

Got two replies

JaysJerkyAndGoodies is willing to accept Peercoin payments as soon as they get 10 paid orders. is willing to accept Peercoin if someone places an order. But they sell mastercoins at approx 2x market price…

Gotten two new merchants to begin accepting Peercoin.

  1. Jays Jerky and Goodies - Direct payment via Peercoin.

  2. Bees Brothers - Will accept Payment via Peercoin, but it must be arranged by email beforehand.

Have altered the Github wiki to include these.

I’ve emailed another dozen or so businesses asking if they’d consider accepting payment via Peercoin. Should start getting replies in a day or so. Hopefully one or two will say yes.

Here is the email, in case anyone else wishes to also contact businesses. I removed the digital services line when messaging stores which sold goods such as chocolates,coffee or cigarettes.


I noticed that you accept Bitcoin as a payment method, and was wondering if you would consider also accepting Peercoin(PPC) the altcoin with the third highest current market cap at approximately $ 59 million and rising, which is currently worth approximately $2.83, and has been getting a lot of press lately.

Why should you?

Well although Peercoin has a very active community, amazing developers, and has been accepted as the official currency of Trekcon Springfeild, there aren’t too many places selling digital services such as Seedboxes or VPNs currently accepting Peercoin. So you stand to gain quite some popularity in the community. Jay’s Jerky and Goodies started accepting Peercoin yesterday, and they already have several orders.

Secondly Peercoin is one of the most innovative coins currently out there, alongside coins such as Namecoin, or Primecoin, and has one of the highest potentials of any altcoin.

You see Peercoin is the first Proof of stake currency, is designed so that supply will increase at a rate of 1 percent a year, as soon as difficulty gets high enough.

This means that firstly Peercoin inflation rates are rapidly approaching 1 percent(Currently around 8) as ASIC miners are beginning to mine Peercoins(as Peercoin block reward halves for every 16x increase in difficulty), compare this to Bitcoin for example which has one of the lowest current inflation rates of any coin, and is still at approximately 12 percent for this year, and over 9 for the next three.

Secondly Peercoin is amazing for the environment as very little power is required to secure it, as the work is done through coin age rather than mining, so while Bitcoin will eventually end up using several percent of world power, Peercoin will never approach that level of wastefulness.

You might be interested to hear that we just got an article about Peercoin in the New York Times

Please consider adding Peercoin as a potential method of payment.

Thank you.

Heres a list of who I emailed.

Growing Turkish Tobacco

Survival Food






Alpaca Socks

The chocolate Tree


Bitcoin Cigarettes



Hello Sir,

I am afraid we are not planning to accept Peercoins in the near future.

Best Regards,

Seed with monster Power!


Thank you for your interest in our services.We are adding new payment methods according to customer demand.

Somewhat favorable response from Hostvpn

Thank you for the message! I wasn't aware of Peercoin, and will look into it a bit more.


Messaged a couple other websites.

Got two websites to start accepting Peercoin

CrownCloud Hosting & services

Cinipac Hosting & misc services

CrownCloud has updated payment methods list to include Peercoin.

Cinipac says they will do so shortly.

Good work…but don’t forget your exams!!

Yeah super work Bagog, but u have exams!! dam son careful or i’ll have to find when ur exams are and ban you from the forum till you completed them :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t fail ur studies cos of cryptocoins!! but loving your work :slight_smile:


@Fuzzybear & Blackswan112

Thank you both, but my exams finally finished yesterday. I’m now free for almost a month, before I have to start preparing for finals.

Have been a bit busy for most of this week,

am a bit more free starting midday Saturday,

plan to do the following on Saturday

comment on bitcoin articles.

Go through /r/bitcoin trying to find stores accepting bitcoin, and messaging them to request that they add Peercoin.

Create a list of various merchants I think might accept Peercoin, and post it here asking people to also request Peercoin.

Delaying this for a week until currencies stabilize a bit.