B&C Exchange Teaser Website launched - Peercoin Listed Under Upcoming Cryptos


We are happy to announce the launch of BCExchange.org!

It will serve as a portal for the B&C Exchange project. On the website you can find our latest client downloads, our source code, the latest tweets, and a list of cryptocurrencies and cryptoequities we hope to support.

Please consider sharing this website as often as possible in the other online communities you frequent. B&C Exchange will be a decentralized exchange for anyone in the world to trade their cryptoequities and cryptocurrencies.

Woot woot, bring on the exchange wars.

So I download the binaries and run. So I see under distributed dividends - peercoinaddress. It is a mistake? I heard that the dividends going to pay out in BTC

You’re correct. That’s most likely a region of the wallet which hasn’t been ported to Bcex yet and is a relict from Nu.

Personally I hope they extend an option for btc dividends so holder of shares can receive both ppc and btc dividends if they choose.


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Second the above. Choice is good, however I suspect more difficult to implement.

There is actually a discussion about this taking place right now…