Avatar Mode (not Coin Control)


I notice many people talking about Avatar Mode while I believe they really mean Coin Control. I read Sunny King’s suggestion some time ago and I think I have an idea of what was meant with it, but would like to hear the original thoughts of course.

I imagine Avatar Mode as profiles one can choose between in the client in the purpose of separating identities but use several addresses. A way of grouping addresses conveniently. You should easily overview how many coins belong to which identity and send/receive with it.

Make it simple to send, receive, and sign with each avatar. An option to create a new address for every new receivement (is there a word for this?) might also be desirable.

What do you think? 8)

I think avatar mode has been implemented. You can enable it by setting avatar=1. Nu wallet has this as default.

I may miss some part of it, The most important thing to remember is that in the avatar mode your change goes to the same address.

You can use coin control to realize everything the avatar mode does. But the avatar mode makes identity separation automatic.