Attracting Coinbase adoption and support

How do we get support for Coinbase to add ppc to coinbase? Coinbase is planning for more coins to be added.



Its pretty simple actually: We generate buzz.

Once people start talking about Peercoin and once articles start to write about it, then we will get attention from other exchanges.

“The secret is not chasing butterflies … You take care of the garden so that they come to you.”

So, to be clear, here are examples of what can you do:

Create projects related to Peercoin. Write about Peercoin. Talk about Peercoin. Learn about it. Teach it. Help writing docs. Help translating the content we already have. Create chat groups in your language… Take care of the garden. :slight_smile:


What Kazzkiq said.

Seems like they just go with the biggest market caps.

I agree with @kazzkiq also, but would add that what we’re lacking is a strong prioritization about what efforts will make the biggest impact. The biggest an most obvious to me is redesign of

Second, we need some kind of project management tool for the non-dev efforts so we can coordinate on tasks.

We’re getting close to beginning the redesign, so it probably won’t be too long before we have something nicer to show off.

Yes, it should have been done by now, but I was preoccupied with designing the Peercoin wallet interface that we just showed off here. Now efforts have been refocused back to the website.

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Great news - looking forward to it! Wallet looks great too :slight_smile:

And what about a roadmap for non-dev related work and a place where tasks can be delegated?

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The most important thing the community can do is start working on the documentation site. It is live now at

I would like to create a thread where we list potential topics to be written about. Everyday if somebody brings up a good point or fact about Peercoin in chat or asks a question and we realize it’s not in the wiki, add it to the thread as an item that needs to eventually be written about. This way nothing is ever forgotten about and we just keep adding things into the list and find ways to incorporate them into the text.

Once the list of topics is long enough I think we will see the best way to organize all this info. Right now it’s hard since there are so many potential topics and we don’t have a list we can draw from. Creating this list and adding onto it every single day would be a good starting point I think.


Everywhere I recive positive answers, but no changes yet :frowning:

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Would community efforts to redesign the peercoin website be accepted? I have some good ideas and the technical knowhow.

Look at my posts above. This is already being worked on. However if you’d like to share your ideas here or send them to me via PM maybe we can work them in somehow.

Any previews/teasers available?

Not yet. We’re in wireframe stage right now, working on layout and placement of items, navigation, which pages we’ll need in order to convey content and info, etc…

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