ASIC Group buy anyone? Or help me choose one :)

Okay i think i want to buy a asic miner for around 100 dollars. But those that are out now are like 4 times their actual price.

Is anyone interested so we can make a group buy? Or anyone can point me at a thread of a group buy in bitcointalk? Thanks

Hello! Do you know if it is possible to mine other currencies using ASIC miner?
Do you think this is a high price or not?

Can you hep me to setup this ASIC miner for mining peercoin?

I ran a GB for ASIC USB block eruptor miners here, I have one 60GH BFL device, but would be interested in aquiring a little more so was thinking of some possibilities… maybe a mining contract or pass through on mining devices… I know there a few people always interested in buying equipment :slight_smile:

Alternatively you could organise the Group Buy and I can escrow for it?


[quote=“digitalcoins, post:2, topic:883”]Hello! Do you know if it is possible to mine other currencies using ASIC miner?
Do you think this is a high price or not?

Can you hep me to setup this ASIC miner for mining peercoin?[/quote]

I guess at 1.49 that’s what the price would be for a cube. I personally would not spend 1200 on a 38 gh/s cube, but that’s me.

Regarding a GB I would be interested, just missed out on two 60 gh/s bfl single for $1400… Just waiting for the right deal to come out for a piece of equipment.

This is still a few months away, but Black Arrow is releasing a 100 gh/s for $290. But they still haven’t taped out, and there estimated delivery is February. But that would be a good option, if everything goes according to plan. (correct me if I am wrong though)

Fuzzy, do you mind me asking how much ppc you generate per gh/s?

I’m mining with a butterflylabs Jalapeno. + 1 PPC / day

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If we could get ourselves into one of the OEM-direct group buys, I’d consider it, but with the upcoming ASIC generation 2 units about to come on market, I’m hesitant to buy anything that’s less than 100GH/s :confused:

Don’t know what OEM is, but I would be interested depending on what the details are.

I’m interested in a group buy but cant house any equipment for now…

I’m also interested… count me in in that group buy!

@jawnzer OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. IE direct from the factory not through a reseller.

Im definitely interested in something. I have been oogling those blades for so long without the ability to actually throw down on one. I agree though that with the next wave of heavy metal about to hit the field anything below 60-100GH is pretty much money down the drain.

I have a stable environmentally controlled room with backup power for my servers and such, and would be willing to offer hosting services. Just in case anyone was interested in getting into the game but dont have enough to get an entire unit or a facility to host it in. Obviously I am a newbie member with little reputation, but I do have other forum accounts, heatware, and ebay feedback that Im happy to let anyone see before they make an arrangement.

Hmmmm I would be interested to say the least.

I might be able to help with OEM pricing through an B2B arrangement that could probably be established with one of the manufacturers…I say this without ever having done this before but I would think this could be arranged by working through a corporate entity that could order for the group’s behalf.

Are you guys talking about a group purchase of separate units (100 GH x 20, etc.) that ship out to each user or would someone run a large unit (2TH, etc.) and somehow split the pool proceeds?

Would there be any interest in a group splitting some of these 2TH units that are coming online and running them from one location?? That location could be a reputable technology company that would let us use their facility and high speed internet (I’m sure) for free and for which anyone could come for a site visit to verify everything is above board.

I would A) throw in $$ and B) help arrange this…

Or, I would also be interested in a group buy for separate smaller units and could try to help with OEM pricing.

Same boat – newbie. I can provide similar and would gladly give anyone a site visit in Atlanta.

I was looking to buy one myself, but a group buy makes a lot more sense. We would need someone we can trust to collect the funds from all of us, and who wont just buy the machine for themsleves and mine form themselves, or give themselves a higher cut (that hasn’t been agreed on). I think the person who does physcially mine it from their home/business should get a higher % cut as they are paying the electric costs.

I would be very interested in this, and if there is enough of us involved then it shouldn’t cost too much $, and your return should be pretty nice. Generally, the more you pay the more gh/s you will get, so a group buy makes perfect sense.

Again, the only issue is finding someone who will physically run and maintain the machine(s), and finding someone we can absolutely trust with our hard earned money. If we can, then i’m certainly in and i’m sure many others will be too.

I need to look into a few things my end but if all goes through I might be able to host this, and would be on solar panels and batteries so electricity costs nothing besides initial outlay,

What power need to supply constantly etc is need to look into,

But also I happy to be trusted member who holds /pools funds if u want??


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I am very interested and would have no problem with you holding the funds in escrow and transmitting to the manufacturer, etc…or possibly even hosting the system.

I was also looking into solar and may be able to get reduced pricing on solar panels as well…

I’m going to PM you, Fuzzybear.

I’m also comfortable with that situation, so please keep me in the loop, too.

I’m happy with Fuzzybear hosting and holding also. If you want to draw up a plan if you are serious and we can see how many people will chip in, and then we can workout the cost (hardware price divided by # of people = cost each) :). These guys have good products and you can probably get some cheaper on ebay (maybe).

Not sure if this is a comprehensive list –

I’m sure this has already been hashed out a million times over on various forums…

Any thoughts as to new hardware coming online in early 2014 (e.g., Mining is moving towards larger rigs, larger collectives and industrial mines.

The Cointerra unit uses their proprietary Goldstrike ASIC chip. Have any of the DIY PCB-ASIC projects worked out (Klondike, etc)? A scalable and energy efficient design would be interesting.

This is very interesting –

Has Hashfast’s products made it to market yet? That’s one of the ones that sounds great on paper, but I haven’t seen anyone say that they are running the BabyJet or Sierras.

If we’re looking at a group buy, we’re probably better off going with 20nm or smaller technology, even if that means that it will be a longer delivery time. Buying anything on the second-market right now is risky, because of the massive difference in computational power vs. energy use.