ARM wallet


I like to store and mint peercoin on a raspberry pi like ARM computer at home (not the RPI itself, but similar). Searching for an ARM wallet on the official download page I did not find anything.

Is there an ARM binary of the wallet available of the most recent version? Or if not, could an official one be created and offered for download? Command line daemon would be enough, no GUI needed. I try to prevent compiling it by myself, since I don’t have the resources on my small device to do so… and mostly I don’t have the time to keep it up to date in the future.

Thanks in advance

Which OS are you using?

Each release is compiled and packaged for Raspbian as well:

Oh thanks :slight_smile: .

I use armbian stretch on 32bit hardware. The peercoin-0.8.4-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz package works (I just needed to copy the contents to /usr/local/ manually).

It would be great if these packages were linked on the official download page. I am probably not the only one who is looking for an ARM binary…


While the packages are not on the official download page, could you please publish the sha256 checksums of the generated packages? (for the latest release I think is enough)

Thanks :slight_smile:

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They are very official, they are posted on the github repo.

No doubt about this.
Still could some malicious individual inject some funny redirect during the download, which results in a manipulated package being downloaded. And a manipulated package can do evil things with my coins.

Normally I am not so paranoid, but here is direct money in the game… that is a stimulating precondition for the creativity of attackers :wink:

So hash of which file precisely do you need?

For me its this one:

For all others it could be on your release server:

$ cd /path/to/release/files/
$ for f in `ls -1 {*.tar.gz,*.zip,*.exe,*.dmg}`; do sha256sum $f >> sha256sums.txt; done

Or so. Then you could post the content of sha256sums.txt maybe here in the release announcement…