Are there Anymore Main Features Which Should be Written up for the Website?

There are features about Peercoin that the media isn’t writing about because they’re not on our website. They don’t know about them. Right now on the website we explain proof-of-stake, increased security and energy efficiency. Are there anymore main features that should be written up and included under the existing three? Arisg mentioned writing about steady inflation/unlimited supply of coins. Should we do one for the 1% transaction fees and what the benefits of that are? We should have three more features to include to make it even with the first three. Ideas?

One thing to consider, too, is that we can reference all of these benefits on the front page (or interior pages) in enough detail to get someone interested in learning more, at which point we can direct them to the fully-annotated wiki page (coming soon!) for that particular feature/benefit/concept.

You should write about the 5 decimal limit on peercoin division. I think it is a good feature because it eliminates the superfluos info in all the peercoin transactions that are present in all other cryptos.

Also mention how dedicated the development team is. Everyone should trust that the new features implemented in Bitcoin will make their way to Peercoin.

I agree with Cypherious’ 2nd point because as much as the programming/fundamentals are vital we can not ignore the social/peace of mind aspects of the human brain and spirit.

If people are unsure of where to invest and are deciding between two or more coins (PPC is one of the potential coins in this scenario), then the importance of knowing there is a helpful, knowledgeable and legitimate community coupled with a dedicated dev team would elevate PPC above others.

The community aspect is not a fundamental feature of PPC but it IS fundamental to a person willing to invest in PPC. Because it is all about people. We have to remind ourselves that it is the individual that we are trying to persuade that PPC has a long and bright future.

The community is important and it does convince people to invest in PPC.

The community persuaded me :slight_smile:

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