Any thoughts on MemoryCoin 2.0 being released today?

Launch 15/12/13 @ 2pm UTC The initial blocks will contain small block rewards, gradually increasing to a full block reward over the course of 48 hours - so you won't have any large advantage from starting at exactly the right moment - don't panic over the first few blocks. MemoryCoin-qt.exe will be available at launch, with source code shortly after.

Yet another CPU coin. Any thoughts? I’m reading a lot of negative stuff about Memory coin 1.0…

here’s ‘nice’ summary for you
mining 3days for nothing, crap :-\

I agree, so many technical problems, impossible to find blocks (unless you know some “tricks”).

I wonder how FreeTrade managed to get PTS so stable… MMC just sucks and is worth < 0.

I have to say FreeTrade is a really nice guy when u working with him and everything smooth… twobits and myself were working on a number of Memorycoin 1.0 services and builds and basically giving him dev help for free… he failed to realise that we have a LOT of other projects on and got disheartened when dev work took longer than he expected and he kept trying to patch the code by releasing new code that everyone had to update the client by a certain block… this was usually no more than 24 hours and that is just stupid as we didn’t have time to pick up his email saying that everything needeed to be upgraded before a block… we were running a Block explorer for him and providing most of the builds for windows and mac so we needed to get the message and produce the binaries and update everything before everyone else… hence I am not surprised the tactic he took to “employ” people to do set areas of work… and its a work in progress so there will be bugs in the code … no disrespect but FreeTrade is no SunnyKing but he is defenately pushing the crypto coins forward trying to introduce new ideas to the coins so i respect him in that.


If you guys are into Memorycoin, could you please vote for me?

Please send 0.00000001 MMC to each of the addresses below:

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Thanks for your support.