Any interest in service for Peercoin?

It could turn out to be useful for us, it provides a chat room/private chat as well as mail notifications and file uploads.

Most definitely. I’ve been trying to get one operational recently with no success, yet.

This is great!

Discourse will have a chat plugin called Babble that can be accessed from the header of every page of the forum. It will give notifications for new posts and it is run from a hidden thread, which can be made visible so everyone can read the chat history.

However, Babble is not yet supported by the core developers of discourse, although they have hinted that it will be officially supported eventually. Because of this, the core devs from time to time have put forward official forum updates that have broken Babble for a short time and it needed to be fixed, so there could possibly be certain periods of downtime with Babble chat until it gets officially supported.

Because of this, it will be valuable to have an external chat room like Gitter or like Peerchemist has setup. It will also be great for setting up private team meetings or interviews with the media.

So what I was looking for is open-source Slack alternative which will enable better community communication and allow alternative channels of communication when compared to this forum or IRC channel. allows private rooms, as well as public ones along with file uploads and link embedding for easy viewing.

Ive chosen platform as it was easiest to setup properly. Upstream prefers deployment via docker, and that works well. However what I dislike about it is lack of IRC and XMPP (Jabber) integration and the fact that mobile app is just a wrapper around webui.


Second best alternative is Lets Chat which unlike uses XMPP by default. To clarify, XMPP is one of the industry standards for p2p communication and is supported by wide range of both mobile and desktop applications (Audium, pidgin, conversations and so on). So it does not require any special applications to use it. And due to a fact that it is very easy to use from my mobile platform (Sailfish OS) which has XMPP integrated in “Messages” functionality. Therefore, integration is superb and there is no unwanted battery drain from 3rd party apps.

Lets Chats has other limitations though, like lack of IRC integration, slow development and lack of modern UI. As you have noticed our ( is nice toward links and emoticons. Lets chat does not support that, it is more minimal.

For now I will leave it with implementation as upstream promises xmpp support to come soon.

I hope you all like it.

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