Another PPC positive to trumpet

Between China and the SEC, a lot of crypto projects are in the crosshairs. The SEC commissioner has commented that other than BTC and ETH which he may view as commodities given their decentralization, most other projects are likely securities. The effect is that a lot of these 2017-2019 ICOs could be called into question and regulators could crack down on exchanges and intermediaries facilitating these projects. If you look at the circulating supplies, a lot of projects have 50% or more of their supply reserved for Foundations, Founders w/ easy vesting, and “Third Party” Developers - AKA me, myself, and I. SEC will not like this.

Contast with Peercoin, with: 1) no pre-mine, 2) no founders’ reserve, 2) fair distribution, 3) 9 years of exchangeable supply and presumably better stakeholder decentralization and de-concentration of interest, 4) no ICO, and 5) passionate, quasi-volunteer development.

Add this to our Mount Rushmore of positives: 1) Sustainable Proof-of-Stake; 2) like for like swap w/ BTC and Lightning Network leverage; 3) 9 years of history; and 4) lack of regulatory risk. Exchanges like Coinbase or Binance could benefit from optics of a project like Peercoin on their platforms.

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Ethereum is not decentralized in expected sense of the word, also it’s an ICO and they had a premine. It’s a security token.

If you are USA citizen I suggest you write everyone you can to warn them about this cuckoo’s egg that is Ethereum among legitimate cryptos.

You’re preaching to the choir about ETH, I was just reporting comments attributed to US regulators. The more important point is that peercoin belongs to the school of “legitimate cryptos” - there’s few of those, and fewer still with PoS, and further fewer with 9 years of history, and so on.