Announcement: We Now Officially Own!

I’m proud to announce that we have officially obtained!

Long-time Peercoin supporter Superppc answered the community’s call for help and reached out to me. He was able to negotiate with the owner of and come to an arrangement that satisfied him. Superppc just received the domain, so we now officially hold it.

Just in case you don’t know who Superppc is, he is the one who created Peercoin’s first video here…

He also included himself in the original discussions about cold minting. Superppc will own the domain from now on and keep it safe and renewed for the community. He has agreed to allow the Peercoin community use it free of charge. I have already obtained the server information for the website from Super3 and supplied it to him. This is a big win for Peercoin, so please thank Superppc here for his support and generosity.

Thank you superppc!!! This is excellent!

Great news!

What an unexpectedly great happening!!!
1000x thanks to [member=31629]superppc[/member]

:pbjt: :pearcoin: :pbjt:

Great job!

PPC is indeed super! Rock on [member=31629]superppc[/member]

I had never seen that youtube video before. Cool stuff!

Videos are a great way to spread the word about Peercoin

This is incredible news! Thank you [member=31629]superppc[/member] for your greatly appreciated contribution!

Super! ;D

A little less talk, a lot more …organization!

Thank you [member=31629]superppc[/member]! :slight_smile: Thank you ALL!

When the dancing banana comes out you know it’s good!

[member=31629]superppc[/member] - you are a legend! Thank you

Congratulations! Great work! :smiley: :smiley:

Great news… that guy is super! :-*

I’m waiting for Super3 to setup the server to use the new domain name.

Life is getting better!

Are we replacing .net with .org? If so, why?

It is still in the air. The ANN was a little premature. We don’t actually own - the new owner of is willing to let the community use it. Which is really nice.

I suggest we immediately forward to incase people type by accident.

Yea, just forward the DNS to. Net. We are a network.