[ANN] Welcome to Daology!

We’re proud to announce the launch of Daology.org!

Daology is a content management and data service provider focused on distributed, self-governing communities who require access to actionable information.

Daology launches supporting three communities: Peercoin, Nu, and B&C Exchange. Additional communities will be added over time. With Daology you’ll be able to publicly share ideas or opinions in the form of articles and introduce general proposals. You also have access to special community specific proposal options such as custodial grants and motions for Nu.

As part of the launch we’d like to invite a limited number of users to a closed testing period. The content produced during this preview can be made public, so even if you’re not involved during the test, you’ll be able to see what is released as a draft or published for public review.

Why Use Daology?
We believe the existing tools available for distributed communities to govern themselves are entirely too technical, or were designed for a different purpose which leaves gaps in their effectiveness. Daology provides the tools for people of all technical levels to create content that moves organizations forward and helps members stay informed.

So what are we asking of you? It’s quite simple:

Take action.
Instead of immediately turning to Peercointalk, use Daology the next time you’d like to propose an idea to the community for improving the Peercoin ecosystem. We’re not trying to replace the forums, and we know that the best discussions occur where the Peercoin community hangs out, so once you’ve created a proposal or article, post about it on Peercointalk or /r/Peercoin.

Be opinionated.
If you are thinking about introducing a new idea or if are going to publish a technical brief and want to share it within a community, write an article on Daology.

Help us craft the product that works for you.
We need early adopters to seed the site with content. This is an early release, so we expect that there are a few rough edges that you’ll encounter. We want to hear about your experience, so let us know what works and what doesn’t. If you need a tool or feature that isn’t yet included, suggest it. If you find a bug, tell us so we can fix it.

[ul][li]You can send us a direct email at [u]support@daology.org[/u][/li]
[li]Use our Gitter.im support chatroom[/li]
[li]Send us a message on Twitter[/li]
[li]Submit feature requests or bug reports through our team’s issue tracker[/li][/ul]

How to Get Involved
If you would like to start using Daology right now, we’d like to hear about it. To make it easy for you to let us know that you’re interested, we’ve set up a ticket on our support site for you to add a comment with your interest.

Sign me up for the preview!

During the preview period content creation is free for invited users. Please be assured that any content you create during this period will not cost you anything in the future. The Daology team strongly believes that information portability is a creator’s right – we’ve built the platform in such a way that you’ll have direct access to what you publish, whether you’re a user or not. Our pricing model will be announced after we’ve had a chance to collect your feedback during this private access period.

Follow Along
You can see the new features, fixes, and updates we introduce by checking out our release notes on the Daology Support page.

We’re excited about the future and we’ve got a lot in the pipeline.

Thank you in advance for your support and feedback, and see you on Daology!

@Ben and @Coingame

Wow, this looks really cool!

Daology is now open to everyone

[member=28683]Ben[/member] and I are happy to announce that Daology.org is available for everyone to use. All you’ll need is a Github account to login.

Here’s a quick rundown of some content features that you have access to.

Markdown editor

You can create content using Markdown with some support for Github Flavored Markdown.

KaTeX support

We also support KaTeX right in the editor. Try out the following in our editor:

c = \pm\sqrt{a^2 + b^2}

or inline

$$c = \pm\sqrt{a^2 + b^2}$$

We want the math lovers to express their ideas in a way that’s natural. KaTeX support helps them do just that.


Organize your ideas even further by creating a unique tag, tags relevant to an organization, or a general tag to help your content be found among other similar items.

Content ID

Every piece of content on Daology is identified by using a unique hash. By sharing this hash anyone can find your content on Daology.

Thank you

We would like to thank everyone who helped us test the software during the private preview period. Once again if you have any question, comments, or need support there are various ways to contact us.

[ul][li]You can send us a direct email at support@daology.org[/li]
[li]Use our Gitter.im support chatroom[/li]
[li]Send us a message on Twitter[/li]
[li]Submit feature requests or bug reports through our team’s issue tracker[/li][/ul]

We have many more features and improvements coming soon. With your feedback we hope Daology becomes a great tool for distributed communities to organize and share their ideas.

Daology is aesthetically pleasing and functions well. I’m looking forward to it growing into a main platform for articles and proposals.

And much much more, stay tuned :wink:

We’re proud to announce the release of Daology v1.3.0, and the introduction of a new feature, “Responses”. Check out the details in the release notes and we’ll be here to discuss the release if you have any questions. Thank you for using Daology!