[ANN] We are Bitspark, a new Peercoin and Nubits exchange

Hi all,

Thanks for receiving us. We are Bitspark, a Hong Kong based crypto startup backed by one of Asia’s largest startup incubators, the Cyberport. We are happy to introduce ourselves to the community and connect with the Peercoin and Nubits community here. We recently launched our Exchange based on open source software and auditable reserves last week, supporting both Peercoin and Nubits and are excited to inform you of our weekly update schedule where will will be adding more features and fixes weekly- including fiat integration very soon.

We are all about providing transparency and security for our customers, a better user experience and real world usage applications for crypto. We will soon be launching Remittance and Payment Processing services (currently in prototype) for our users and are open to using not just bitcoin but leveraging other coins for that aswell. We also have a profitability switching mining pool Sparkpool which we want to periodically add more coins to aswell.

No fees for any of our services currently (except network withdraw fee) so please come by and try us out and let us know what you think here on on social media @bitsparkBTC Thanks!

The Bitspark Team