[ANN] Preconfigured peerbox for sale (plug and mint ready)

[size=18pt]Order a preinstalled Peerbox on SD and start minting[/size]

What you get:
1 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
1 (mini)SD card with peerbox preconfigured
1 ethernet cable
1 cardboard case found at https://www.etsy.com/listing/173663246/2x-cardboard-case-for-raspberry-pi-model?ulsfg=true
300 peercoins* (may very due to price fluctuations when shipping)

Order steps

[ol][li]pm/email me your shipping address[/li]
[li]I ll send you a random message that you need to sign[/li]
[li]once verified, pay send me 50% upfront and wait 1 weekend max at most to assemble the parts[/li]
[li]send me the other 50% and I’ll ship it[/li]
[li]once received and your pi is up and running, I’ll send 300 peercoins to an address on the wallet. [/li][/ol]

Ask me for a price at encryptedinbox@tutanota.de; anything is negotiable. If you just want the SD card with peerbox preinstalled, that is shipping wise the cheapest option as you can get them anywhere locally.
Ppc or bitcoins accepted only :stuck_out_tongue: