[ANN][Pool][1% PPLNS] [Stratum] give-me-coins.com - blocks paid at 30 conf

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to present you with our new creation. A PPC pool with a custom made interface. .

1% Fee
PPLNS (blocks paid after 30 confirmations)
VARDIFF stratum
Simple and easy registration
User Friendly Interface
Idle Worker Notifications!!
Automatic and Instant Payout
24/7 Support via email and on IRC
Miners ideas are implemented.
Support forum exclusively for our users.

Pool OPs, you can find us on freenode #give-me-coins


Please feel free to contact either of us if you have any suggestions, concerns or issues or post directly on this topic, via email or on our pool forum.
Thank you and enjoy

We have solved our first block. Pool hash rate is getting to 3TH/s :slight_smile: