[ANN] PeercoinFaucet.com

Following a suggestion in a discussion here I wrote a peercoin faucet: http://peercoinfaucet.com/

It’s been running for a week and already gave a few peercoins donated by FuzzyBear to 28 requests.

There are pending requests waiting. If you want to help people get their first peercoins, you can send peercoins to the address mentioned on the faucet.

It used to give 0.1 peercoin per request but I just reduced it to 0.05 to increase the number of people who will share donated coins.

The source code is available here: https://github.com/sigmike/peercoin-faucet

There’s also a testnet faucet for developers who want peercoins on the testnet blockchain: http://testnet.peercoinfaucet.com/

If someone feels really bored they could develop a peercoin faucet that had a couple USB miners mining D7 for it (at current diff say 3-4Ghz) and have it feed itself so it will generate its own coin. You could also give out a donation worker information for the faucet so others could contribute some miner time to the faucet. This would be much easier to raise peercoin for the faucet than asking people to donate.


I would be glad to point a couple of Block Erupters at a mining pool that helped to replenish the fountain, if anyone have the time to set a simple one up.

That’s great Ben!!

I want to get involved in some way too (and I’m currently broke), so I’m thinking which one could be the way. Something came to my mind and I’l spoke it with my mates. Maybe we could program in our pool a 0’1% voluntary extra fee with the purpose of replenishing the faucet. It should not be very complicated and would help Peercoin once we have regular block finding.

I’ve never mined so I’m sure sure how to do that, but I created an account on D7 with the faucet as withdrawal address. And it created this worker: peercoinfaucet.1 / 12345

Great, I’ll point my Erupters at the D7 pool with that worker’s credentials when I get home.

Sigmike - What you can do is setup the faucet to detect the current amount in the faucet account so it can give out money as it sees room in the faucet (with maybe a daily max). You could even setup a formula to determine the intake rate of the peercoin and daily average to let it auto set the payout level so you do not have to manage it as diff goes up or reward goes down.

Could also set it up to keep a base balance so that it could be converted to a Proof of Stake faucet that will generate it’s own coins from proof of stake and pay out from the overage. This would require the wallet to bank up a few coin thou to start proof of stake.

If you want help I can work with ya on it.


It does that already. The balance is displayed on the site and the requests are fulfilled in batch when there are enough funds.

I’m not sure we can lower the payout because of the transaction fee. If someone receives 0.01 peercoin he can’t even transfer it once. 0.05 looks like a minimum to be able to play with.

That’s an idea, but it would require 2k coins to fill one request per day.

11 Block Erupters hashing at 3.63GH/s are now online and mining for the faucet. Please let me know if you see anything that doesn’t look right in the D7 dashboard.

It’s looking good on D7: 3.6 GH/s and already 0.01016031 unconfirmed rewards. I’ve set up automatic withdrawal to 1 PPC.

I’m not sure we can lower the payout because of the transaction fee. If someone receives 0.01 peercoin he can’t even transfer it once. 0.05 looks like a minimum to be able to play with.[/quote]
Actually I’m wondering whether I should lower the payout because it looks like only a small number of people will get peercoins, and with a long delay.

Getting 0.01 peercoins or less is not enough to play with transfers, but it may be enough to start playing with the client.

What do you think?

When I get home I’ll send a few PPC to the Faucet. They should be in there tomorrow evening or around then. Hopefully others will do the same

I sent some coins aswell.

mr.bickle had a great Idea. the faucet should be able to replenish itself. perhaps some other big pools could donate a tiny fraction to the faucet.

The first peercoin from the pool just arrived. 19 requests were processed.

Sigmike, I just sent over 5.00 PPC to restock the faucet.

If others in the community could make their own contributions, we could keep the “spice flowing” :slight_smile:

And… we’re back to ~0.4 PPC in the faucet, after a bunch of people were paid out :slight_smile:

Wow, and now already empty with 44 pending requests. Looks like the faucet is successful. I hope it helped many people get their first peercoins.

Ok, just added 1 Peercoin (PXSLHJ7s7Uyr3xKtokxmbja4dsuGaKQnmM). Hoping to get another 20 users up to speed with the wallet.

Have you a list of Ip’s that have requested?do you want to search them to see if they look like someone is exploiting the system somehow… also maybe just see what happened to the coins sent… stay in wallet or moved together?? Just want to be sure we are helping individual users and not one person exploiting the system. The faucet was very much lacking for new users… so these could very much be real numbers :smiley:

I have donated 20 PPC to the faucet


I don’t keep the list of IP (they’re hashed with the time slice to check for uniqueness). I could check the web server logs though. I can also list the past peercoin addresses (or make them public?) if someone wants to investigate their use.

But Analytics tells me there was more than 300 connections from China yesterday and from many places, most of them coming from weibo. Previously there was no more than 30 total connections per day. So it doesn’t look like abuse.