[ANN] peercoin.chat

Hi Peercoiners,

I am announcing a new Peercoin related service - peercoin.chat

This is a rocket.chat based service that will hopefully enable our community to communicate more easily.


You can connect from mobile app too, search for “rocket chat” in your appstore.

OAuth via GitHub enabled (login via GitHub account).

How do I connect to the server using the iPhone app? I put in http://chat.peerbox.me, but it didn’t connect.

I would recommend that more people join this if they are interested in contributing. It feels more natural and productive for working on projects than the forum.

I tried adding this to the iPhone app…


…but it gave me the following error…

"The server http://chat.peerbox.me/channel/general is running an out of date version. Please ask your server admin to update to a new version of Rocket.Chat."

I seem to be having problems. I’m on my work computer which still uses IE. I’ve tried different variations and they all say this page can’t be displayed…


When I use Google Chrome, some of them take me to the peerbox website. Is there something I have to do to get it to work right?

service uses peercoin.chat address.

Ill see what I can do about www prefix.

[quote=“peerchemist, post:7, topic:4007”]service uses peercoin.chat address.

Ill see what I can do about www prefix.[/quote]

Still, even when I only use peercoin.chat, IE says this page can’t be displayed and Chrome takes me to the Peerbox website. Does anyone else have this problem?

I’m not sure if Peerchemist is aware of what happened recently, but for part of the day the chat room would not load for me from any browser. Others seemed to be having the same problem. hrobeers mentioned that it might be because the server is using node.js, but I would let him expand on that.

Also, the domain name peercoin.chat still does not work for me. hrobeers told me that it has never worked for him except in Firefox. This is very important, because we can’t keep calling it peercoin.chat if that domain name won’t work for people. It’s confusing for people. Peerchemist, do you have any comments about it?