[ANN] Peercoin Advanced Relay Subnet: P2SH update & call for minting power

[size=14pt]New version released![/size]

This version is crucial to allow for Smart Contracts on our chain!
A project demonstrating those will be released soon.

We also call for more minters joining the PARS, as it allows for more innovation!

Hello hrobeers, I have one question please. Where to download the PARS client from GitHub?

There is a green button “Clone or Download”, you can download a zip file with the source code.

There is no binary distribution, it’s only source code.
So you should compile it yourself.

I can build a binary for raspian later today if you’d like that.

I am afraid I can only make use of downloading a file which installs the client by itself after a double click. Afterwards I know how to import my wallets and start to mint.

The more minting power joins the PARS network, the faster we can execute smart contracts on Peercoin’s chain. If you need help setting up a PARS node, check out the following video tutorial created by Saeveritt…

Also posted on social media…

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