[ANN] New Primecoin Pool + GPU Miner

Helping to spread the message from bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=598542.0

Miner looks fast (Comparable to Claymore v0.7?), not verified until the pool is back up from DDOS and blockchain corruptions. Linux version miner, yes! Non-Ypool pool, double yes!

EDIT: The webserver is having some issues right now. However the pool server works fine.
They are separate processes, so if the website goes down, the pool server will still be running.

After a few days of testing my new Primecoin pool is now open to the public:

I don’t have a domain name yet, sorry. The pool works with my new GPU miner which you can download here:

32bit Windows: https://mega.co.nz/#!JdhXURyL!PbfhTPc_lqsRv5gnBwRGPK-32LODRjAID6FxPDHmLSg
64bit Linux: https://mega.co.nz/#!NEomzA4B!DqKHLTaA6jNPVaRi7BOIERKHbDkicTJDW80vKTWhV4o

To start mining:
1.) Download miner and unpack.
2.) Put your payout address in config.txt
3.) Now you can start the miner
4.) After you find your first share you can view your account and workers on the website

Pool System:

  • Similar to beeeeer.org
  • The automatic payout threshold is 11 XPM
  • Exception: Your very first payout will be requested once you hit 1 XPM to confirm your address
  • There is no manual payout (yet)
  • Payouts will be executed after ~2 days when the coins are mature
  • The minimum share is 8-chain
  • Each share has a value that is recomputed every 30min based on the last 24h
  • The poolfee is 10%

Known Performance:

3.3 CPD on 7950 @ 1000/1250
4.1 CPD on 7970/280X @ 1100/1250

Yes those numbers are real Smiley. They are accurate to ±0.5% when averaged over a long time.
Also, you can see the memory clock does not need to be very high.

Some things you might want to know:

  • The Linux version is untested.
  • The miner works with Catalyst 14.4, older versions might not work as good or not even at all (EDIT: 14.3 should be ok too)
  • The default settings are optimized for 79XX and 280X
  • For 290/290X you can try sieveprimorial = 12

The website is still very basic, but get’s the job done. I’m still working on it.
The site will automatically reload every minute, so don’t use F5 please.

Happy mining! Smiley