[ANN][HYP] HyperStake | Proof of Stake | 750% Annual | Trading on Poloniex

Faster-than-light crypto

High PoS coins like HBN (100%), CAP(200%), TEK(500%) is not enough? Enter HyperStake, the coin light-years ahead.

[size=15pt]What is HYP?[/size]
HyperStake is meant to be an experimentation in cryptocurrency economics. Do you like the thrill of living on the bleeding edge, and get the features before the others? Then HyperStake is for you.
HyperStake’s primary goal is to create a cryptocurrency that provides a generous return for securing the block chain without massive inflation. Currently inflation is managed through the maximum stake reward of 1000 HYP per stake. It is expected that in the near future HYP will be forked to reduce this amount and reign in short run inflation. HyperStake also aims to redesign the fundamentals of proof of stake, and is currently brainstorming ways to make PoS more efficient and sensible.

[ul][li]X11 PoW blocks already phased out[/li]
[li]Proof of Stake Blocks Only[/li]
[li]90 Second Block Time[/li]
[li]Minimum Age - 9 days[/li]
[li]Maximum Age - 30 days[/li]
[li]Annual Interest Rate - 750%[/li]
[li]Maximum Stake Subsidy - 1,000 HYP[/li]
[li]Recommended Block Size - 1,600 HYP (see tutorial for splitting blocks)[/li][/ul]

[size=15pt]Why did you fork an existing coin?[/size]
After buying into TruckCoin and seeing the diminishing exchange rate because of lack of dev support, we decided to take things into our own hands. We are giving the TRK community a chance to make their coins worth something again. We get to take the coin into our own hands through a voluntary hard fork and we plan on adding many features through time. Join the experiment with us. HyperStake successfully forked from TRK on block 31781.

If you have TRK right now that had coins in it before block 31781, then you can use your coins on the HYP network. Simply copy your TRK wallet.dat over to HyperStake in the appdata directory (windows).

Windows, Raspberry Pi - https://github.com/presstab/HyperStake/releases/tag/v1.0.4

Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi - https://github.com/presstab/HyperStake/releases/tag/v1.0.3

Please submit feature requests and bug reports here: https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/13358-wallet-feature-requests/

Source here: https://github.com/presstab/HyperStake

Block Chain Bootstrap
Through block 71,600 https://www.dropbox…tstrap.zip?dl=0
Usage: place into data dir and use the following: HyperStake-qt.exe -loadblock=bootstrap.dat


CryptoSpread - Abe Explorer
hashing.uni.me - Ace Explorer
hashing.uni.me - Rich List

Bounty Thread - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=704634.0
Bounty Wallet Address - pAvP3gYfuyDVbUt98ToMbwU9rwEdBV1dHW


https://www.facebook.com/hyperstake (managers wanted!)
##hyperstake on freenode - http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=##hyperstake

Presstab’s Stake Journal - https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/13421-presstabs-staking-journal-14428-hyp-start/


HyperStake CoinMarketCap
HyperStake CryptoCoinRank

[size=15pt]International HyperStake ANN Threads[/size]
French Thread

Added a new DNS seed (thanks edn247) and also a new rpc command getmoneysupply

This will be in the next release of the wallet but is available to those that can self compile.

[size=15pt][font=Verdana]NEW WALLET VERSION 1.0.4 - NOT MANDATORY[/font][/size]

Changes to this version of the wallet include:

  • getstaketx RPC command - this returns information about the time and reward of each stake
  • Stake For Charity GUI - you will now be able to enable or disable S4C from the GUI (tools->S4C)
  • Stake For Charity information on the minting icon notification
  • reduce the stake predictions by ten times - this seems provides a more accurate estimate
  • sort transactions by date instead of confirmations (hat tip Tranz)
  • add hours until next mature block starts staking to minting icon notification
  • unlock wallet button (unlock for mint not yet functional)
  • tweak the icon settings to look better (still not perfect)

Right now the current release is only prebuilt for windows, I will work on getting the other builds updated as well.

Just a reminder to post requests for wallet features and bug fixes here: https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/13358-wallet-feature-requests/