ANN: New XPM pool

Payouts are made automatically every 2 hours when reaching 0.5 XPM.
Pool fee is 2% and you will paid for the transaction fee ( 0.01 min ).

Round-Based Pay Per Share (RBPPS), when a block is found, the reward is distributed among all workers proportionally to how many shares each of them has found, but payouts are delayed until a block is confirmed by the network. If a found block gets orphaned, earnings relative to it are not paid.

Minimum difficulty for a Primecoin share is 7.0 (7ch or above)
pool url:

First Payout:

Date Value Transaction

1 2014-04-20 14:20:57 (1 Hour, 25 Minutes ago) 58.8488 d41b17b14af3fcbd737c67c8dcf2d732b7a72279e3b89eb8ecda1b47b77e63a8