[ANN] hash.camp - mine XPM as fast as Claymore (with 0% pool fee!)

[size=18pt]Welcome to hash.camp![/size]

We’re an XPM pool that supports mining on ATI GPUs. Join us!

We now support PrimeGPU, [size=12pt]which mines XPM as fast as Claymore’s miner![/size] (9.1 chains/day on a single 280x/7970)

Some key things that are awesome about mining with hash.camp:

[ul][li]Easy to get started - no registration, just use your XPM payout address![/li]
[li]PPLNH (Pay Per Last N Hours): consistently pays out blocks based on your shares found over the previous 1 hour.[/li]
[li]Immediate payouts once your balance hits 3 XPM.[/li]
[li]Beautiful charts to track your earnings over time.[/li]
[li]Help support Primecoin by diversifying the XPM network![/li]
[li]Support the miner development community.[/li]
[li]Friendly, responsive pool operators.[/li]
[li]And, last but not least, [size=12pt]0% pool fee[/size] as we launch![/li][/ul]

To try out hash.camp, follow the instructions here or just point your existing PrimeGPU at xpm.hash.camp:

primegpu-pool.exe -p x -o xpm.hash.camp -u XPM payout address

All of this is only possible due to hard work by the awesome devs in the XPM community who’ve shared their miners with the world! (Thank you PrimeGPU, xolokram, madMAx510510 and eXtremal!)

[ul][li]When using PrimeGPU, the pool sends 2% of mining revenue to the developer.[/li]
[li]When using xolominer, the pool sends 1% of the mining revenue to madMAx to support further development. (xolominer support offline temporarily)[/li][/ul]

Most importantly, hash.camp is your pool! This is just the beginning - let us know what features you’ve been dying to see and what coins you most want to mine.

Let’s build the mining community we’ve always wanted together! Enjoy your stay.


  • the hash.camp team

Congrats to AL6GVfv6fkaohU17mA4FFd8YStMQdQDPxw, who found our first block since launch! (and claimed 4.18 XPM!)

  • the hash.camp team

Wow, that appears real nice.
Congrats. What did you decide to mine and support primecoin?


Most Proof of Work coins are the same at heart - find an arbitrarily expensive computation that you can verify cheaply, in order to prevent anyone from grabbing control of 51% of the network. It’s cool to see a coin that’s put all that computation to good use, searching for long Cunningham chains.

As the computational requirements to secure the Bitcoin network spiral ever-higher, we’re likely to see broader enthusiasm for coins like Primecoin that offer more than just transaction security.

  • the hash.camp team

new pool here any feedback from miners?

need to see if i can set one of mine up to test but lot going on atm, i’ll make thread sticky to try draw attention to thread but feed back pls


Thanks FuzzyBear! Please let us know what you think as you try out the pool.

We’re excited to announce that hash.camp now has XPT support, including support for the PrimeGPU miner, which is as fast as Claymore’s latest miner! (8.3 now 9.1 chains/day on a single 280x/7970)

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to give hash.camp a whirl, now’s the time!

  • the hash.camp team

Any word on when Xolominer support will be back?

Hi DoktorV,

We saw some issues with rejected shares crop up when running both servers on the same mining host. We’re checking out the dual configuration on Testnet to make sure it’s rock-solid - in the meantime, we’ve paused the Xolominer server, which made everything stable again.

At the moment, we recommend you try out PrimeGPU. You’re likely to generate more shares, even after the miner’s dev fee.

  • the hash.camp team

Hi guys,

really stunning website and design, much appreciated!

Just a quick question as I am interested in putting my GPUs towards your pool:

I don’t know yet about Primecoin fully as I don’t seem to be able to extract a lot of pool stats from it. ypool seems to have over 51% of the hashing power pretty much all the time, according to the other pools on this forum and on the sheer member numbers. Is there any kind of poolhash website to check this kind of info like on most other coins?

Thanks so much guys and maybe you could help me to see if it’s worth going down the road to mine this coin or if it’s all in ypools hands already without a hope left :slight_smile:

All the best

Welcome Vyazhan!

I don’t know of any all-up site that lists the hash rate for each Primecoin pool. For any given pool, the easiest way to estimate its percentage of the hash rate is to see how many of the total blocks that it’s finding.

For example, if you visit hash.camp’s main page, you can see that among the 1000 blocks whose height starts with 650___, hash.camp found 7. This means that hash.camp currently has about 0.7% of the total hash rate of the Primecoin network.

Note that the total hash rate of a pool doesn’t affect the average earnings of those who mine there. If your GPU farm is generating 0.2% of the total Primecoin hash rate, you’ll average 0.2% of all earnings network-wide, regardless of which pool you use to mine. A larger pool can smooth the ups and downs a bit - however, even with just 0.7% of hash rate, earnings on hash.camp are quite steady. This is thanks to Primecoin’s 1-minute block time - when over 1000 blocks are generated each day, the probabilities smooth out quite quickly. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of hope left :slight_smile:

The primary factor that does affect your earnings from a mining pool is the pool fee, and hash.camp’s XPM pool fee is 0% right now!

We hope we’ll see your GPUs connected soon! Welcome aboard!

  • the hash.camp team

What about cpu miners support?