[ANN] Coin Gas Steam Store

Hi PPCers

My new store is on-line and accepts PPC for steam game codes, you can check it out at - www.coingas.com

Growing catalogue of games, Indie titles and DLC. 1-Click checkout with no personal information required. Features to request a game or report a steam sale to get the same discount.

Prices, sales and availability are based of the UK Steam catalogue.

Thanks for reading my announce and enjoy spending your PPC.

Real nice store there :slight_smile: always felt steam games would be great sell for crypto currencies including PPCoin so thank you for supporting PPCoin :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback, I also like PPC personally so it was an easy choice.

Added today are sales for The Witcher 2 Enhanced and Kerbal Space Program, saving 66% and 33% respectively along with the other currently running sales.

Thanks for your feedback!