[ANN] celtusminer, a CPU Primecoin poolminer


I am happy to announce celtusminer, a CPU Primecoin poolminer.


Currently the miner is many times slower than more popular CPU miners (such as xolominer or jhPrimeminer) so don’t use it for serious mining. Nevertheless, please download it and give it a try. The miner is written in Go and supports beeeer.org and rpool.net. It is not a port of any other miners (though I had to reverse some bits such as the communicating protocol supported by the pools).

Downloading the source, compiling and running should be as easy as:

$ go version
go version go1.3 linux/amd64
$ git clone https://github.com/brtzsnr/celtusminer.git
$ cd celtusminer
$ git checkout celtusminer-0.1.0
$ bin/build.sh
$ bin/celtus -help
$ bin/celtus -port 10000 -pool xolo://Aczm1s7f6dV1GuMDbjR48LkMnD2nscoEtk@
13:22:11 main.go:80: Started celtusminer aa854bb7aa09+ 76+ tip
13:22:11 main.go:85: Debugging address localhost:10000
13:22:11 main.go:118: Connected to
13:22:11 xolo.go:112: Logged in as Aczm1s7f6dV1GuMDbjR48LkMnD2nscoEtk
13:22:11 xolo.go:157: Got work, target = 0a.f6d0b0

I will post future announcements to this thread.

Because the imminent shutdown the beeeeer.org mining pool I would like to implement XPushThrough protocol in celtusminer [1]. Does anyone have experience with go, xpushthrough protocol or would like to give a try to reverse engineer the protocol and implement it in celtusminer?

[1] https://github.com/brtzsnr/celtusminer/issues/3


I released version 0.2.0 of celtusminer [1]. This version is several times faster than the 0.1.0 due to better search of chains and fewer primality tests.

Unfortunately, it’s less useful than the previous version because the only supported pool was shutdown (beeeeer.org). The next version will be focused on implementing the XPT protocol which is supported by several pools.

[1] https://github.com/brtzsnr/celtusminer/tree/v0.2.0

Looking forward!