[ANN] Candypool.net 0% fee PPLNS Primecoin pool

Because of personal technical reasons candypool will stop its service immediately. If we come back and how, time will show.


the pool is still paying out. When all blocks that are still in queue are confirmed i push a button and all the money will be send to the miners.

Sorry that it went down this way but i had no choice.
But look at the bright side: I’ll make the code opensource ( website, server, sql and all the scripts ). I wont let you behind !

Welcome to the community and good work on the primecoin pool :slight_smile:
Will have to give it a test out myself and post results
Keep up the good work


Hi Fuzzybear,

thanks for the flowers !
I’m thrilled for your results :slight_smile:



Instant payment is now live.
The button will be visible in your dashboard if your balance is >= 0.02 XPM.
After clicking that button a payment will be scheduled and 0.01 network transaction fee is substracted.

Have fun !


Do you have miner for Linux ?


not a nativ one but you can run the one mentioned on the site under wine.

I signed up and have a miner mining. Thank you.

too bad it is not support windows or primeminer

otherwise would give a try~ :# the instant payout is cool

JHprimeminer is not working on win7 32/64bits


jhPrimeMiner should work, you just need to add -xpt as parameter :slight_smile:

[quote=“Candypool.net, post:6, topic:1206”]Hi,

not a nativ one but you can run the one mentioned on the site under wine.[/quote]

I use this one on linux: https://github.com/tandyuk/jhPrimeminer

Seems to work. Or maybe not. Seems found shares are not submitted.


nice hint !

Maybe if my time permits i’ll port AeroClouds miner to linux and mac os.

[quote=“Candypool.net, post:6, topic:1206”]Hi,

not a nativ one but you can run the one mentioned on the site under wine.[/quote]

use wine is very bad performance.

Can I set higher payout limit? I want to get paid in chunks no smaller than 5 XPM.


not at the moment. But setting your own payout limit is a thing on my todo list.

it looks like my miner hasnt done anything in 24 hours… this cant be the case… i mine bits on ypool all the time. and have some miners on beeeer as well. But here… noting… not even a hickup



i updated the server software a few hours ago because it was dropping valid Blocks :frowning:
I’m very sorry for that and currently thinking about how i can reward the users that are supporting me.
I’m thinking something like all eventual fees of a month will be given to the early supporters.

Do you think it would be better to go for solo mining or pool mining with an i7-3770k?(not overclocked)
Thanks in advance

Given that solving a new block is entirely luck based it is not that easy to say.
You can mine solo for a year and don’t solve any block. You can mine solo for a day and solve 10 blocks.

In the long run i would say a pool is the better option for a small solo miner because you get a steady income.
In case you have a very large workforce ( botnet or something ) it would be better to solomine because you the odds that you solve a pool are much higher.

So with one i7 it would be best to pool mine in my opinion.

Fixed the statistics on the dashboard regarding found shares.

In other notes:
We have 50 miners. Thanks guys !

i’m in the candy pool mining.

there are 3 .exe miners. i think i know what the differences in the .exe’s are but just to make sure, which miner should i use?