[ANN] Beeeeerdroid (beeeeer.org monitor for android)

First of all, I apologize if I chose the wrong place to post this, but, since the tool I’m about to introduce is mining-related, I thought this was the best place for this post.

From Google Play:
If you are pool mining Primecoins using beeeeer.org, you might find this app handy. It allows you to enter your XPM address(es) and monitor your miner(s).

This app will only show you the amount of XPM mined, nothing more. If you’re looking for a more detailed log, you might want to use xpm.syware.de, although it will only let you check one address at a time.

Easy to use interface, with just a few essential commands.

Please keep in mind that this is a beta version, so bugs are likely to be found. If that’s the case, please report them. So far, the only problem I’ve experienced (and I’ll probably fix it soon) is that the menu stays open (looks like it froze) while refreshing.

If you find this app useful, please consider tipping, I’d really appreciate it.

I hope you’ll find this useful. If you find any bug, please report them in a detailed way, not just "Ugh. Crash. Sucks. " :slight_smile:

Beeeeerdroid ~ Google Play

I dont know how to paste my xpm address to Beeeeerdroid.too long I cant type it. Do you have any suggest ?
and It is’t working my smartphone ( sonyerecsion)

You could open a payout page on your smartphone, find your code (type in the first few letters), copy & paste :slight_smile:

What does it mean “it’s not working”? Like, does it crash at a certain point? Or does it fail showing the right amount of XPM? Or something else?

Thanks for the help :)!

I apologize for the double post, but I guess this is the best way to bring this topic to the attention of those who had difficulties using the app.

@hayer I tested the app on a sony and it works just fine. Is it possible that you couldn’t use the app properly because you didn’t open the menu?

I’ve been told it’s not very user-friendly, that’s why I updated it adding icons on the top of the screen (action bar). If you’re using a version <= honeycomb the action bar isn’t available, so you’ll have to use the classic menu :slight_smile:

bump, and bookmarked as i need to test this on my android phone to see what it like :slight_smile:

Well it works! Was really hoping for a xpm a day reading or more then just my total. I can bookmark just sywares page and I get a whole lot more… Also thank you for not requiring permissions to my entire phone, network is all it should need! Are you planning to expand it more in the future? atm I dont have a whole lot of reasons to keep it downloaded.

Yup I can confirm it works as well :slight_smile: but yup lets see what other features u could add… shares recently submitted, time of last share… number of blocks found… what kind of information u have available… i assume the same as on beer stats page… or u running off an API? happy to help if you want to open source the code in github?


Wait I lied, there is one reason I found to keep this…

That amazing XPM Beer mug icon!!! Luv it :smiley:

[quote=“MrMirkin, post:8, topic:1209”]Wait I lied, there is one reason I found to keep this…

That amazing XPM Beer mug icon!!! Luv it :D[/quote]
Yeah every time I see it I think… ah maybe my CPU earnt me my first round :slight_smile:

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It works on my HTC G2

Could you add a scanner function… so we can use the phone to scan our address?

im not sure if it is accurate tho… it doesnt show what i get when i got to the http://www.beeeeer.org/user/

Just to say, I really like this app. Downloaded it over the festive period and I use it everyday now. Simple, easy to setup and can tell me quickly at a glance what my current balance is at the pool.

Really nice work :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your feedback :slight_smile:
When I first thought of creating this app, I wanted to make something similar to syware, but then a number of (imho) good reasons for not doing that came to my mind: first of all, it would make everything more complicated :stuck_out_tongue: But that’s not a good reason, at least, not for the users. So I continued coding, and then I realized that, every time a new address is added, I’d have to look back at all the blocks found on the website, and that would require up to n requests (where n is either the number of blocks mined or a fixed limit, e.g. 100), but that would mean a) much more traffic used by the app, which is not a problem when using Wi-Fi, but might become one when using the internet connection and b) much slower app: every time the app is opened, or a new address is added, you’d have to wait for the new blocks to be downloaded and parsed… If one decided not to open the app for, say, a couple of days, it would probably take minutes before knowing the current balance. Plus, as you noticed, I tried to keep the app as easy-to-use as possible: if I were to add other stats, I would probably have to add settings, secondary menus, and so on… I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have an app where I can just open it, refresh, read the XPM values and close it :slight_smile:
Anyway, if you really think that more stats would be useful, I could add those displayed in the beta website :slight_smile:

@neonetgen: what do you mean? I get the value I display exactly from there… The only reasons I can think for you not getting the same value is a) you gained new XPM between the time you checked the app and the time you checked the site or b) you didn’t refresh the app, so you read an old value :slight_smile: Let me know if the case is either one of those :slight_smile: Thanks!

P.S.: I love the icon as well :smiley: Took me some time to find a nice image released under Creative Commons, but then I found that one and it was love at first sight :smiley:

Edit: P.P.S.: Tomorrow I’m leaving for a week (holidays time :D!)… I’ll probably manage to write on here, but don’t expect new releases in said period of time :smiley: (and Happy New Year!)

I cant figure out how to screenshot on my phone without installing bloatware.

I just made 3 coins yesterday (first 3 woot)… got paid… and your app is still saying i have barely made .875 coins.

Sounds like a rather weird, yet huge, bug. May I ask you to send me (either on this topic or via pm) the address you’re using :)? I’d really appreciate it!


On my LG Nexus 5, Android 4.4.2, the app hangs after I enter an address and try to click save, the screen simply freezes with the save dialog box open, and I know it’s frozen because the phone stops responding to turning sideways and the home button. I had to hardreset the phone to get out of it.

Once I reset, going back into beeeeerdroid I see the address I added, but it tells me I have 0.0 XPM earned, regardless of hitting refresh. I checked my address against my miner address a few times to be sure, but still 0.0, though I have 2.455 XPM paid on beeeeer.org/user, and 2.439 on beta.beeeeer.org stats.

Does the app just pull the stats from the page beeeeer.org/user/[address] ? Is there anything I could have done wrong on my end?


Gah, pesky w and W looking the same in my address >_< … But anyhow, the fact that it hung my phone with a bad address may be a bug worth noting.

Hi, thanks for the report: I experienced the same problem using a Samsung S4, but I couldn’t replicate it anymore. I guess the problem isn’t with the fact that you entered a bad address, but there seem to be some problem with files handling (i.e. there probably is some problem when reading the file after having created it). As I told you, I couldn’t replicate it, so all I can do is double checking the code for potential problems that may lead to the crash. Anyway, as far as I’ve seen (and it seems like it worked for you as well), once you re-launch the app everything works fine. I know it’s not much of an answer, but I’ll look into the code in the meantime :slight_smile:

Thanks :wink:

It’s a great app, so much easier to just click and check, and be done, but if you could pull just a few more stats from beeeeer.com, that would make it excellent. Maybe the past two days xpm/hr. I’m not sure how you pull data, but a quick parse of the beeeeer page could probably do this with minimal data usage (maybe no more than currently if that’s how you do it already).

I updated the app, since it wasn’t working anymore (because of a change in the /user/[address] page). I am now using the beta.beeeeer.org stats :slight_smile:
I know some of you asked for the app to display more information, and I apologize for not having implemented it yet. Unfortunately I’m having a rather rough time at university (finals time, and I’m an engineering student :frowning: ) : I’m afraid I won’t get the chance of updating properly the app for the next few days…

Thank you all for the understanding and the support!

Edit: P.S.: It may take some hours for Google Play to accept and publish the new version :slight_smile:

P.P.S.: Could you give me some feedback about the number of digits displayed? Would you rather have only the first 4-5 digits displayed or do you like it better this way?