[ANN] Beeeeer Pool Monitor - Android


I started an Android application in December but when I saw there were another application released at the same time so I stopped the development.
Today, I see that the app is not updated like I would, so I decide to continue my application.

Beeeeer Pool Monitor - Android

The main features are :

  • Beeeeer pool statistics : rewards, works …
  • Your paid shares history
  • Your miner statistics : XPM earn by day, XPM/h
    Just add your Primecoin address in the option and it’s done.
    There is no ad on this app.

I’m working on future features like :

  • Add your primecoin address from QRCode
  • Check your wallet balance
  • widgets
  • Notification when you get paid by the pool
  • Multi-account

If you like to have another feature, tell me. I’ll try to make them.

Looking good, keep it up man.

Could you post the source, please.

Because http://xpm.syware.de is moving his server. Apps crash today. This weekend I’ll update the apps. It will not using syware anymore. You can see update &release here http://JakeRTFM.fr

By the way, I prefer not share my code until the app get more mature.

Envoyé de mon Nexus 4 en utilisant Tapatalk

I’ve just upload a version that works without syware stat (use directly beeeeer stats).
I’m interesting in feedback.

Envoyé de mon Nexus 4 en utilisant Tapatalk