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Altcurrencyhelp Donation Bar
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  • Public Alpha Build - User Input phase -

This is out testing alpha phase, please use this are your own risk, but use it regardless, just not all your coins or anything. A donation amount will be the intended amount.

This was thought of, after seeing forums and sites cluttered with addresses, and issues that could stem from that, as well it just looks intimidating if you’re a new cryptocurrency user and aren’t up to par with things. So we made it easy and simple to use.

What is it?

Is a Multiple Coin listed, Donation bar, generation App. ( in other words, it takes coins you have addresses for, and turns them into an embeddable code, you can just post in forums, or signatures or websites and users can click to copy your address or just scan the QR code, that simple. ) A point and click for you, and payout later on.

Is it ready? I wanna use it now!

Sorta, it is not ready, it’s in Alpha, we want to make sure it’s properly tested and bug free, so we are having you test it out as well drum up publicity for it and the site, we want to add some extra features and tweak it more overall before we release and move onto other things, and most of all want to help you enjoy using it more.

When will it be ready?

Soon(™) But you can try it now here

How many coins can I use with it?

For now, you can use 4 coins, with plans to add more, you can use more than 3, but the bar will turn into two rows instead of one, we are working on a scalable bar, based on coin number you use.

My coin isn’t part of the three shown, I want it to be, can it?

Just give us a email at the link provided and we can talk.

TEST IT NOW HERE ----- > http://altcurrencyhelp.com/?q=Altcurrencyhelpbar

Work in progress this is a TEASER - This is the end result of an app we have been working on, as a present from us to you.
More coins will be added, if you are curious to have your coin added, please contact me.

Adspace will be available as well, on http://altcurrencyhelp.com/?q=Altcurrencyhelpbar - inquire within while the iron’s still cold folks. [/center]