- vote for PPC

I’ve added my favourite altcoins PPC and NXT to It’s a “social recommendation” site for people searching for alternatives to, e.g., Paypal, Bitcoin etc. Google rankings of the site are not as good as they used to be, but it’s worth a try :slight_smile:

You can register and vote for it here:

Cheers, d5000

Perhaps I’m not understanding how that site works, but I don’t see a link to vote for Peercoin. Shouldn’t Peercoin be listed as an alternative to BTC, LTC, etc?

You first must register at the site (no private data needed) and then below the Peercoin logo at the left you will see a “Like” button (not the Facebook one :wink: ). You hit it and Peercoin gets one more vote.

I have added Peercoin as an alternative to Bitcoin too, but also to Paypal, to show that it’s an strong independent payment system which doesn’t need to be compared everytime with Bitcoin.