Alt. Convert Altcoins to USD

[font=Helvetica,Arial][size=16pt]Alt. Convert Altcoins to USD.[/size]
It’s what it claims to be, and nothing more. Alt makes it easy, simple, and fast to check the conversion rate of the most popular altcoins, all in one place. Pages are also bookmarkable, so you can go back to your favourite currency in one click.

I was tired of having to go all over the place just to find one number: the conversion rate between an altcoin and USD. I liked the idea of, but they only had Bitcoin.

So with a bit of code, I built my own. Go check it out!

And since this forum is mostly about Peercoin and Primecoin, here are direct links to the rates:
Peercoin (PPC). Primecoin (XPM).

This project is built free, but to keep up with the server costs, you’re encouraged to donate!
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