All pools having problems? is down.
I am having serious miner disconnecting/dying problems with ypool .
It appears rpool is DDOS’ed down, too. Can’t even connect.

Is someone trying to bring down all the pools? Maybe so that some of the large miners (VPS and botnets) can run private pools and dominate XPM production? Can someone who knows where to look if there are unidenfied large XPM miners?

I am back to soloing now.

If this is true, what you are saying, then the pool operators might sit together and share some experience / information about the attacks to sort things out. it could be useful. i’ll be here. :slight_smile:

at least ypool’s webpage seems to be ok: their impact on the primecoin network is huge…

  • xolokram

From the bot in ##primecoin:

07:29:51 donschoe | .pools 07:29:52 sternburg | Primecoin Pools: .ypool .rpool .beer 07:30:05 donschoe | .ypool 07:30:09 sternburg | YPool status: Web:80 up, Mining:8332 connection timeout, Mining:10034 up. 07:30:18 donschoe | .rpool 07:30:19 sternburg | RPool status: Web:80 up, Mining:8336 up, Mining:10034 up. 07:30:26 donschoe | .beer 07:30:26 sternburg | Status DOWN.

Use IRC to check the status :>