Algorand, a different take on blockchain & mining - POS innovation

It use POS.

the paper:

you can search algorand on youtobe to get more detail.

the author is Silvio Micali:

Micali won the Gödel Prize in 1993. In 2007, he was selected to be a member of the National
Academy of Sciences and a Fellow of the IACR. He is also a member of the National Academy of
Engineering and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He received the Turing Award for the year
2012 along with Shafi Goldwasser for their work in the field of cryptography. In 2015 the University of
Salerno acknowledges his studies giving him an honoris causa degree in Computer Science.

It could be useful for Peercoin to have a formal model of the stake process and selection.

There are various discussions on the forums regarding the pos, is there an up to date description of the current pos design?

Would be interested in trying to formalize the approach.

The paper is too large to upload. the pager URL:

There was a good wiki post about “GetLastStakeModifirer” that I wanted to link to, but our wikipedia is down. Basically, the stake modifier controls who gets to mint next, and it does this by piecing together bytes from all across the merkel root to generate entropy using the chain history.

if you have the link, maybe its on the internet archive snapshot?

Not available on the internet or search archives.

Does anyone have a cache or archive of the wiki? Would be good to start consolidating knowledge about how staking works in peercoin and do analysis

@Fuzzybear, is there any timeline for when our wiki will be up and running again? Once the new wiki is up, we will probably need some of the information from the old one.

Hey @Sentinelrv sorry my bad, I thought I had left the wiki in a state that people could still access it. I have removed the https redirect and tested it, I am able to see 99% of the content… just a feew image ref’s that are looking at the https. any link clicked to go to the https version of the site does not work, but it does work if u drop the s and then reload.

Any issues please let me know, hopefully we can grab all the data and info off to import into the new Wiki.




This is the one I should have linked though: