Add the XPM rate to the forum header


I was just looking at a bunch of "Error: vircurex status code 403"s on the forum header and wondered why there wasn’t one for 1XPM?

Is this something that’s simple to add? Also, is it just me, or do the vircurex tickers seem to return errors quite a lot of the time?

I was also thinking that instead of having the rates displayed as a News: item, perhaps they could be displayed directly below the peercoin/primecoin logo in the top left corner. In fact, as I saw a bounty for a new logo design, maybe one of you creative types could design a logo that includes a transparent window through which current rates could be displayed.

Just my 2xpm worth!

error on vircurex comes from vircurex not accepting purl request I believe anymore on their servers so not too much we can do about that, I have asked the devs of the tickers to fix the bug or contact vircurex but not sure if this will be done tbh as they not the best at responding.

as vircurex supports the XPM trading and the da ta should be exposed in API format so this should be possible to add to the stats being pulled back and displayed.

As for displaying it up in the top bu the logo… I would probably be best to create an extra div on the page somewhere to insert the data somewhere but obviously this will only be useful if ticker works… i’ll look into possibly just making API call and processing on its own, but this will no doubt not be as easy as one wouold hope so this may take a while.

But thank you for your suggestion and i’m looking into it.


I have switched the tickers to use Mtgox for the BTC USD price
and PPC to BTC is now using the BTC-e API data.

until vircurex sort out their API or BTC-e accepts XPM i can not do much to display the XPM rate.


I just asked RealSolid about XPM data from mcxNOW and he’s told me that the mcxNOW API allows it to be retrieved from

It just hasn’t been updated in the About section where the other currency pairs are listed.