Accepted Shares

Hi, I am new to Peercoin, I have 150000 accepted shares on cgminer and before resetting a few times I had more.
How many accepted shares do I need before I will see any balance in my wallet and when should I see a
balance in my wallet?

Thank you in advance.

on which pool are you mining?

Hi irritant, solo using, stratum+tcp://

you have to find a share with the current difficulty as height, the accepted shares are not important because you are not getting paid per share

PoW Difficulty: 1,713,849,724.13190007

i think you can see your best share somewhere

Ok I understand, currently my best share is 150K on cgminer

Would it be better for me to join a pool?

when i fill in the numbers for 14 TH on I get

Days to generate one block mining solo: 5.89 Day(s) (can vary greatly depending on your luck)

not sure if that is correct tho

Wow yip solo mining will not work for me, only messing around with a few antminer U2s, thanks for your help

Mining with a few U2s is like playing a slots machine.
You might get lucky and find a block soon, but it might also take you a few years :wink:

It’s not impossible to find a block in the first year, and if you do it’ll be more profitable than mining in a pool.

With a few GH/s stick miners you shouldn’t do it for profit anyway.