About XPM

The price of XPM is more and more low, difficulty is decreased, the current 10.97, SK don’t care about XPM, long time no news, SK recently at what’s the hurry, there is no arrange new project to XPM? I’m worried about the price of XPM.

The investment of XPM a year, prices fell 10 times now, I really very sad.

primecoin is with peercoin the only coins to be minable in an atomistic fashion - property that is essential to give value to the blockchain value proposition -
my prediction: bitcoin will collapse, peercoin will utimately go up with primecoin

I am unhappy too, with such low price.

No one talks about Prime any more. :(.

but yet the price is rising again, almost 4x from the bottom, anything boiling underground?

Noticed the same today, significant price rise. Looks like Primecoin is part of the rise of many altcoins lately. And huge volume.
We still need to hear what is going on as the rises are certainly not across the board. Surely on watch here and keeping my Primecoins safe :wink:

Was thinking the samething… why did it jump in price so much…?

can’t believe it, XPM makes 3x overnight and nobody says shit in its very own forum.

What can I say? Thank you whoever the buyer was thank you!

it’s the chinese buying on btc38 and jubi exchange… what the heck is jubi!!?

They are busying on selling XPM today, no one have a chance to say shit! >:D


This was a nice surprise 8)

today Max has tweeted about the latest prime record

i am not sure if this triggered a buy mania >:D

he just gave it another push, but was already up to 8-9.

About time people start talking about Primecoin again!!

Who bought up 1200 XPM at .01$

THIS GUY. /Flex.

When there is blood in the streets it’s time to buy :).

I can’t see how this would a pump and dump… it may drop a bit in value but one buying up 1.5 million worth of XPM… who are they going to dump it on…
I am hoping some one / some group has some plan with XPM.
The fact we solve primes is so neat!!

Solving primes is neat, but what I really love with XPM is that miners are rewarded with inflation for ever and that the miners fee is fixed. This provides a sustainable fundament to build a cryptocurrency on.

I agree that a small paying is 10000x greater then it going to nothing.

Primecoin dropping… Perhaps one should sell and rebuy… although I’ll probably just hold and buy more…