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Information and discussion about proof-of-work (PoW) mining, where you can join and how to set up pools.

**UPDATE - I’ve spoken with Coinotron & they agree merge mining may have some benefits. They are investigating & will touch base in a week or 2. Multipool.us has 4 merge coins for Peer mining. It is awesome but again unfortunately they don’t have the hashing power to be really competitive. Will update again soon.

I’ve reviewed & tested some pools recently. If you’re running S9’s, maybe S7’s, here are the 3 I recommend as most honest, reliable & stable pools.

  1. https://www.multipool.us/dashboard/
    Nice web site, auto switching pools if desired, multipool coins available 256, scrypt or x11. If USA has east & west coast servers. fast tracert & all mined coins pay merged/alt coins :wink:
  2. https://www.coinotron.com/app?action=statistics
    At this time I recommend this pool as a whole. Same as above but it does have a more consistent steady hashing. It will give you a average for your hashing & it is pretty accurate. Been mining there for 2 weeks & with 25Th average is 55 coins a day & it is right on the money. I was surprised but it is the most consistent. Down fall… no merged coins mining Peer :frowning:
  3. If you have S9’s or S7’s you might want to consider: http://mining.securepayment.cc/pools/ppcoin/
    This one is a solo mining pool. Username is the Peer wallet address. IF you find a block it claims you receive 98% which is approx. 62 Peercoins per block you find. I personally have not done this one yet BUT I can average 1 coin per day with 25Th according to my miners. Again no merged/altcoins but if you’re lucky you could do better than the Coinotron average?
    Looking forward to the future here with/at Peer :slight_smile: