About forks and boxes


as main developers and maintainers have fixed fork problem by releasing new Peercoin client build I should build new binaries for Peerbox using that code so Peerbox users can continue running their boxes.

However I must inform you that this might prove to be quite difficult as Peerbox repository is quite old now compared to upstream linux distribution (ArchLinux ARM) and I will need some time to overcome this side effect of not updating Peerbox for over three months.

This event might finally push me to release new Peerbox version. I will see into that in following weeks. Even though I have planed to do it after 0.5 is released.

In the meantime I advise all Peerbox users to stop using Peerbox for the moment. I also urge Peerunity maintainers to deal with this, as that is the most popular client at the moment.

Thank you.

Hey peerchemist,

Happy to hear that you’ll be willing to upgrade Peerbox for v0.5.

My raspi is waiting for you :wink:

Have a good day.

Excellent! I hope the new version of PeerBox correctly run on raspi2?

Yes, it will.

How is the new version coming along [member=30983]peerchemist[/member]?
I have finished setting up my Raspberry Pi B and predictably it appears to have got stuck on the fork so I will shut it down until the new version is available:
“Peerbox:”: “v0.25”,
“ppcoind”: {
“blocks”: 205273,
“connections”: 26,
“difficulty”: 31425811.031526,
“difficulty proof-of-stake”: 1.0,
“errors”: “WARNING: Checkpoint is too old. Wait for block chain to download, or notify developers of the issue.”,
“keypoololdest”: 1448534230,
“keypoolsize”: 100,
“moneysupply”: 22754436.274749,
“newmint”: 0.0,
“paytxfee”: 0.01,
“protocolversion”: 60004,
“proxy”: “”,
“stake”: 0.0,
“testnet”: false,
“unlocked_until”: 0,
“version”: “v0.4.0ppc-21-g650ea5f-beta”,
“walletversion”: 60000
“serial”: “00000000421112f0”,
“uptime”: “1 day, 17:47:57.660000”
No massive hurry from my perspective as I cannot start minting until January as my first coins were only transferred earlier this month but I am sure others are eagerly awaiting news on the fixed version.

I have started re-implementing peerbox-info set of tools in Golang. Change of tools was needed to achieve portability I want for future versions. So far I am doing good, but at slower pace as I am new to Golang and I am learning as I Go.

[quote=“peerchemist, post:6, topic:3693”]and I am learning as I Go.[/quote] :))

Thanks for the steady improvements. My node keeps running strong with my own alterations, but I’m always looking forward to your next release!

Thank you, Peerchemist. Also, thanks to all the guys on this thread.

Keep up the good work.

Steady as she goes: wins in the long run!

Sounds great. I’m looking forward to it and will grab my copy ASAP.


is there a release date planned, because I unfortunatly bought a raspi 2 and now I cannot use it for this purpose.

[quote=“C3PO, post:10, topic:3693”]Hello,

is there a release date planned, because I unfortunately bought a raspi 2 and now I cannot use it for this purpose.[/quote]

no release date planned, yes it is unfortunate please be patient, in the meanwhile you could maybe try Tea’s project: https://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=2702.0