About android wallets

when i launch one , it says " unsynced for 42 weeks " or smth like that . for peercoin , does it mean that for receiving coins in real time very fast , my smartphone should download that massive bunch archive of transactions with weight of approximately 500 mb ? :o
same question relates to other cryptocoin wallets for android . so , does it mean that for proceeding transactions , for example , of bitcoin , should i download 50 gb + archive ? :-/

I think it is unrealistic to download all data on your phone.
Instead it uses a centralized cloud service keeping the app as thin as possible, just like any other apps.

google how electrum wallet works

i am curious why do people think that transactions via any kind of cryptowallets are anonymously . excuse me , is not , for example google corporation or any kind of e - mail services should cooperate with hidden police if it does detect crime ?

nah , i have took it too far .
well , on the stock exchange, we partially or completely enter ours personal data, respectively the owners of stock exchange are now available to track people and their financial flux . so why should we expect that we are not under control ?
sorry broken english .