A voting system for XPM

Is it possible to implement a voting system for XPM ? The existing XPM holders(not miners) can vote for a new transaction fee by private key signature. Assume 8 millions XPM now, once 60% of them (4.8million) from holders agree, the new fee is passed.

I don’t see a technical barrier. You just need to find a developer willing to implement it. That may proof difficult :frowning:

SK has been silent for a long time, every his weekly report is about other developers activity. It is said that he is on side chain of PPC/XPM, but who knows. This is the hardest time for XPMers, but my faith still there.

I believe SK’s ability and his moral level and he will never discard XPM. My only regret is that our community underestimates the value of XPM.