A use for peercoins the best marketing strategy?

I always see an effort to get well established sites to accept peercoin, as far as I can tell very few do. Why doesn’t the holders of peercoins pool their resources together and create their own easy to use market? Surely there is enough talent in this community to pull it off. Kind of an amazon for digital currency. You could start small with one type of product and then build on that. Of course there is always the problem for customers of such a site in getting the damn peercoins to start with which right now in the US is like curing cancer.

I guess my point is, if there is no use for the coins to the general public, what’s the point of having them? It seems like if there was a use for them there value would go up which would benefit all of us. Maybe I’m just dumb, lol, just an idea.

IMHO, peercoins aren’t meant to be used for a cup of coffee. Dividends, settlements in smart contracts, and something something with peermessages are use cases I am thinking of with peercoins.

Basically as gold, which is not used as a currency, but as settlement

ah ok, I understand.