A Translation Department

To all workers and willing souls…

The future of Peercoin is a bright future and thats only one of the many reasons why we are here. We know it according to rational analysis and by the visible ideas and structures the coin and the whole apparatus surrounding it, is day by day being built and persistently improved and engineered.

Our support has a beautiful and important role for the future of Peercoin especially when it comes to let people understand the great possibility and chance they have to increase their earnings, investments and future business when entering our world, about not only a coin but a structure based on an “enlighted” project a materializing unstoppable Vision: a financial digital world with Peercoin among the top shaping structures.

When the real crypto time will come, and it will unavoidably do, people will look for answers, will search for solutions and understanding… When that day will come, and it might even strike us sooner than we ever think, HOW are we going to satisfy these requests?
The answer about “HOW” is given by the most important thing in rational comunication: Written Language.
Millions of People not well versed in reading English will need to have a historical point of reference and be able to see our HISTORY, our main articles and fundamentals… Yes, in their mother language to help them understand us, to get rid of potential doubts and help them to clearly see and join the privilege of being among the Peercoin crypto shared equality…

All these premises are to awake the importance of translating main informative articles both external and internal as posts, or for example even Sunny King main updates. What is then to be tranlsated will be decided in case…
I am proposing the idea to open as a community, a Translation section, where chosen articles, posts, software etc. are given to be worked on and later be posted on specific language section or into finalized projects.

Do u think would be possible to organize a united effort to produce a cooperative result, in order to avoid loss of time of willing users/translators, like for ex. “getting lost” when searching/chosing proper/interesting articles, time that could be spent in translating a given list of material already posted by a formed cooperative “Translation Department team” that chose what are the thinga to work in a proper Tralanslations section.
In the form for exmp. of a general list :
to be translated 1 - *** 2-*** 3-****
etc etc…

I am not proposing myself as a leading organizing figure because I materially lack the time to manage, but am more than willing to offer my support in translating to properly reach the coming audience both rationally and by heart… Before and while the coming world interest about crypto and Peercoin rises and rises.

From the flame of a matchstick to a global heating fire…

What do u guys think about it, please post or PM if u are positive or negative about this initiative and eventually what language u could help with and what are yr ideas and questions about it.

Thanks for your time.


I am glad to see the initiative and sure Chinese community, me are willing to contribute.

I think it is a great idea. It lowers the threshold for many and with that opens up consumer markets which barely know about cryptocurrencies. To become mainstream translations are essential.

Really hope some one picks this up, it is about choosing the right subject. This can be guided by the newsletter. I’m sure the community would back the right proposal submitted to the Marketing Fund to translate key articles and subjects. I think there is room for both the organiser and the translators to be rewarded. Looking forward to people submitting such a proposal.


very visionary outlook!
I can translate to German, but currently I have no time to organize anything.


  • 1, I am in!

I agree that we need to work on an international basis, and to do so we need to translate the project to as many languages as possible.

I am already working on the translation of Peercoin.net and will shortly start with Peerunity too.

Would be a great idea adding a news section for each specific language on the website, where we can post articles from the local mainstream news, magazines, blogs etc… (maybe a peercoin blog?)

This will attract a lot of people for several reasons; few of them being:

  • people will feel more comfortable investing in something that they fully understand
  • merchants can provide clear and easy explanations to customers that want to use peercoin as a payment method and once they can see it is covered also in the mainstream media they can use it as a selling point


I am willing to contribute.



Sign up and start translating :slight_smile: