A summary of Peercoin in 2014(in Chinese)

@lg5x wrote an article to summarize the development of Peercoin in 2014.
It was first posted on 8btc forum, then on the media channel of 8btc.
Soon it was reposted across all Chinese bitcoin media source.



and being pushed to App users

Reposting here is to let you know that the Chinese Community are still working hard to contribute to the development of Peercoin.
Despite heavy loss on peercoin, @lg5x still loves the design behind PPC and respect the whole dev team of PPC. He said he would hold on to PPC and confident that the PPC as a originator of PoS shall achieve its rightful position in the market.

Excellent. Thanks for this update!

What does the article talk about?

Mostly about the major applications in the realm of Peercoin, in chronological order.

Awesome article! well done stone! I bought some more PPC today @.0016btc. Still have great faith in PPC despite huge loss in it!!