A Path to Cold Minting, a Way for Proof of Stake Blocks to be Securely Minted Offline from Cold Storage, Expanding the Participation of Minters & Increasing Network Security

The following is an article from the Peercoin Team outlining a number of protocol changes that will enable cold minting, a way for proof of stake blocks to be securely minted offline from cold storage, which should help drastically expand the number and participation of minters, increasing network security.

The plan includes the following RFCs…

  • Remove Transaction Timestamp
  • Split Coinstake Transaction
  • Multisig Minting

You can read the full article below. We’d love to hear comments from the community…



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Cold Minting, great news!

why is this so hard, NEM, LISK and I think NXT have active pos now…or dpos, but in any even it does not rely on mining, eg nem.

yes they have fancy names and complex constructions that give you money without actively participating in chain voting, as they rather do not have others to vote on their chain.

Peercoin is about “one coin one vote”.

It’s not hard at all to implement dpos or any other hype, what is hard is to have a secure and fair minting algorithm.


I’m not so sure about that the dpos seems to integrate a number of factors such as use of address, host, amount etc

Lisk I know you can choose to vote to all sorts of pools so not sure about that either

maybe I am missing your point.

I am more to why can we have some form of cold minting which was where I left this some time ago that they could not figure out how to implement it per se.