A great coin, developers, and technology is not based on price

A great coin, developers, and technology is not based on price.

We need to stop worrying about how to increase the Peercoin price. That will happen on its own.

What we do need to do, is recruit more interested people into participating in our technology and our blockchain. The price will take care of itself.

That is my next marketing focus.

Some areas that we’re currently lacking:

We need more content-rich updates on an ongoing basis. Sunny King does give good updates, but they’re thin. They’re a “blip” on Bitcointalk and on Peercointalk, and then they disappear. They don’t generate a lot of discussion.

Immediately these come to mind:

a) More bitcointalk discussions
b) More mumble hangouts
c) More chats on chat.peerbox.me (peercoin.chat)
d) More blog posts <-- this has been key to Dan Larimer’s success
e) More “launch” and “update” events. Too often we release something like 0.5 and we don’t make a big media event out of it. We should.
f) More showcasing existing projects in Peercoin4commit publicly. This includes displaying them on bitcoin-work-related websites
g) More advertising for Peercoin on crypto websites, in people’s signatures on forums, in comments on newsarticles.

We have to create a buzz, and keep that buzz buzzing…

I think we need to get a core group of marketing volunteers. SentinelRV has been carrying the load by himself for quite a while. I’ve only gotten started as of recent.

This core group needs a private area to communicate, so we can throw ideas around and plan for them. In marketing, “surprise” works in your favor and is very important. Also our failures can be kept hidden, and only our successes show through like every other business. You only see the successes in marketing… I’m probably saying this wrong… but I’m hoping you get the idea

Core marketing group is strictly volunteer, however I’ve already proven to the 4th Anniversary contributors that it’s possible to reap unexpected rewards. It should only be comprised of trusted Peercoin members.

So before we begin planning and creating our next step, I’d like to have a private Peercoin marketing group created with only specific members invited to it.

The reason I am posting this is so the community at large knows something is in the works. Unfortunately you won’t be able to follow it, and that’s by design. You can follow technical developments publicly, but not our marketing promos and marketing plans.

There was also some talk about switching to Discourse. Before we create the private peercoin marketing group, perhaps we should have this discourse discussion again. Will it give us the tools to run both a public and private board? My guess is that yes, it would.

In addition to discourse, I’d also like to ask a trusted community member with server space to run a meeting software of our own. I’ll explain more later.

Just like proof of stake for value…

We also have proof-of-reputation for our longest standing Peercoin members. It is this proof-of-reputation I’d like to put to work.

Help me. Any ideas prior to us going into research & development for “marketing and promotion” can be discussed in this thread.

NOTE TO EVERYONE: If you are not invited into our private area, do not worry. New opportunities to join will happen.

I know this is going to get some critiques. However I fully believe this is the best way, so we can gain some ground on other cryptoprojects by being quiet while we organize our next marketing push, and when no one expects it, BAM there it is…

Just so you know, I have gotten some action on this post via PM.

So if you want to volunteer, please PM me…

Today Peercoin’s price is just a reflection of what we pay to the miners.
It’d better be low!

Let’s not try to change the price, let’s try to change what the price reflects!
We can do this by delivering value, so support our projects.

We all invested what we can lose, and we all trust in the long term success of Peercoin.
Selling now is a bad idea, just like buying more than you can afford to lose is a bad idea.

I agree with hrobeers. Having a low price during the mining phase is actually better because the cash injection needed to hold the price steady is less which allows the coin to mature before it gains significant value. Just take a look at the 160 million eth fiasco and you can see why having high price on experimental tech is a bad idea.

Lets expect the worst and hope for the best.

(Wink), I think Sunny might have known this before any of us did. :slight_smile:

Pretty smart… Every day I learn something new about why Peercoin is even better than I thought yesterday.