A Business to Help Setup & Maintain Peershares Networks

I was thinking that it would be a great idea if someone started a new business, issued peershares to raise capital and then used this capital to build a site that provided the means for someone with very little technological skill to get going with Peershares.

I’m thinking that the business should help with the launch, carrying the burden of hosting, security etc. I’m thinking something like:GitHub, counterparty or perhaps even kick-starter. Who knows what the best business plan is.

Then there should also be this “detach” feature, where the Peershare instance on the server is detached from the network because it is no longer needed (network have grown strong) or the client wants to host it themselves.

There are loads of ways to monetize this thing and I think everyone would benefit a great deal. People with great ideas, but little technical know-how (honestly, how many people actually knows security well enough) could raise capital.

I’ve got to much on my plate, to take on something like this, but I think that IF someone does this, it has the potential to become the google of decentralized shares networks. I would personally definitely invest in it. I think peer4commit, would be wrong thing to do here. Peershares all the way.

Pillow, you started this thread with the title of a domain that hadn’t been registered yet which is a very bad I idea, so I altered it until you or somebody else can register that domain. Go ahead and change it to something else. There’s lots of domain squatters targeting us, so we have to be very careful. Just look at Peercoin.com and .org.

It’s possible Jordan and the team might already have something like this planned, but I don’t know for sure.

Right, how thoughtless of me. Thanks for the help. If anyone want’s to know what the name was, pm me.

For anyone reading this who wants to do this, perhaps read this: Peershares Developer Tools (work in progress):

There is at least one Peershares-based blockchain in production use right now that I personally know about – because it’s the one that was launched to support a Peershares implementation consultancy that I and two other partners have formed.

I don’t have anything ready to formally announce, and had not intended to bring it up until we were ready, but your post offered an opportunity to let the community know that there will soon be resources available to help people get started.

I’ll have more to share in the very near future (as in “within the next two weeks”, not “sometime in the next few months”).