50 PPC bounty - Decoding a raw transaction [Closed / Won]

Hey all,

The following is a raw transaction I created:


If you open up the debug window / console in bitcoin core and type in decoderawtransaction with the above, you’ll see json output. Likewise if you go to https://blockchain.info/decode-tx.

If you open up Peerunity and go to the debug window / console, decoderawtransaction with the above will throw an error saying “TX decode failed (code -22)”.

If you can identify precisely why this is the case and suggest the fix, I’ll send you 50 ppc.

Are you trying to decode a bitcoin transaction with a peercoin client?


Peercoin transactions have an extra time field :


and https://gist.github.com/shesek/5835695 might help


[quote=“mably, post:2, topic:3363”]Peercoin transactions have an extra time field :


Mably, that was exactly it! Thanks for pointing that out to me, I wasn’t aware of that attribute difference between peercoin and bitcoin.

I added that parameter and everything works beautifully now.

50 ppc coming your way.

nice emeth pleased u got it sorted and gtz to mably for winning the bounty