5 Year's Partay

Would be very cool to have ideas for a distributed partay.

Let’s have something like when a human 5 old’s has gift bag at the end of the party except not at the end.

:grin: What’s in there : delicious goodies and non-chockable items. :grin:

branded hats, umbrellas, funny t-shirts $15,

But more interestingly crypto-party gifts?

peerassets-based trading cards, peerassets-based 5-year party contract

Some crypto-participative “events”?

"around the world in PPC “game”
“the Day of Livestreaming PPC” <-- bit lame maybe? too informative?
“ask your bar to accept PPC day(or multiple days!)” <-- this i like!

A+ !


will you buy for 8$ ?

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I would buy it for 15 :slight_smile: “free shipping” !

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