3 XPM for compiling guide


I am willing to give 3 XPM to the person who wants to share with this community a working guide for compiling the beeeeer’s miner (https://github.com/thbaumbach/primecoin) for Windows (both 32bit and 64bit versions of the miner) on Windows using MinGW.

The guide should be something like this - http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=1547.0 - however I’m having problems with this guide. The built miner only works properly on my computer and crashes on any other machine due to integer overflow error so I’m looking for a better one. Also this guide does not provide 64bit option.
With explanation about the required libraries and their proper installation + the actual configuring and building for the miner.

The first working guide will get the reward.

I think your problem could be with GMP compiling optimisations for the CPU that it is compiling on & then it’s failing when you try to run it on an older CPU. I’m not sure how you’d build it for an older CPU, maybe somebody can help. If they’re all the same manufacturer CPUs then optimise for the lowest or just generic i686.

Either that or it’s the 64bit problem, but then it wouldn’t work on the machine you compiled it on & other people seem to have made 32 bit builds. 64 bit may be faster if you can get it to compile on mingw.

Maybe I’m wrong, I’m just guessing, I don’t use mingw or windows so I can’t help much.

Well I would like it to run smoothly on all 32/64 bits OS (depening on the built .exe) like the original beeeeer’s miner.
I see your point - I’ve built it on AMD processor and the other machines were Intels.
I am afraid that I am not much experienced and don’t know how to compile it in order to run smoothly on both AMD & Intel.

you should get the best from the xolo’s software when you compile the miner on each machine separately, you could also make “one build to run them all” a 32 bit binary but 64 bit bin is allmost twice as fast…

Yes. My purpose is to create an ultimate build for 32 and 64 bit machines. I’ve done the 32 bit build using mingw-32 but I am facing problems with installing libraries for mingw-w64 and compiling for 64 bit machines. If anyone can give some instructions about it I would be happy.

I heard that xolocram is working on some fixes for mingw64, so you should probably save the 3 xpm for him if he gets it working.

Maybe you’ll need to do a static build to make it work on every machine. It’d be a little better performance if you compiled it on/for each individual machine anyway. Maybe you could write a script to automatically install everything needed & compile it.