25.88% of Altcoin-Friendly Merchants Would Consider Accepting Peercoin

Have you guys seen this?


It says that 25.88% of altcoin-friendly merchants would consider accepting Peercoin. This is something we can use to show payment processors that there is demand for Peercoin! You can use this right now with the Volunpeer Swarm for GoCoin, a payment processor. Check it out…


Here is something River said in chat…

[quote=“river333, post:1, topic:2215”]I emailed the founder of Moolah about adding Peercoin to his payment processor. He said: “The complete lack of volume on Prelude has made us be a little bit hesitant at this stage, but it is still something we’re actively considering.” So I emailed him back saying that there was much more demand for a payment processor from us, and linked him that coindesk article.

Are there any other payment processors we can contact? I think it is the most important thing Peercoin needs at the moment. It’s hard getting companies and charities to accept Peercoin when there isn’t even a way to accept it yet.[/quote]

Yup this is a great article and advertisement for Peercoin and we should reference this in emails sent out in swarms and when contacting the exchanges directly